Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rob would make Christian Grey

Is R-Pattz right for Fifty Shades of Grey?
Robert Pattinson invited EL James to a party at his LA house (Picture: Getty)
Is there any other role in Hollywood that is more lusted after right now than that of Christian Grey?
Actors have been falling over themselves to put themselves forward. Ian Smallholder, Alexander Skarsgard, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhall and James Franco have all expressed an interest but now Robert Pattinson has sent the rumor mill into overdrive after being spotted partying with author EL James.
Now, being in the same room as someone else sharing canapes and downing shots doesn't equate to signing a film deal, of course, but given how secretive movie bosses have been it’s all we have to go on – and it’s a pretty positive sign.
In a way, casting R-Pattz in the film would bring Fifty Shades of Grey full circle. It originally started out as part of a Twilight fan fiction series originally titled Master of the Universe.
Christian Grey was actually based on Edward Cullen, Patterson character in the Twilight films. So, wouldn't it make sense for Edward Cullen to play Christian Grey?
He’s too sensitive and soulful, I hear you cry! Well, Pattinson has been busying perfecting his on-screen a****** persona as Eric Packer in Cosmopolitan.

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