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Robert Pattinson To Break Out The Bondage For Fifty Shades Of Grey??!

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Could it be??!
Is Robert Pattinson REALLY in the running to play Christian Grey is the HIGHly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey flick adaptation??!
The heartthrob hosted a hipster-tastic Los Feliz birthday bash forArbitrage director Nicholas Jarecki and invited none other than raunchy trilogy author E.L. James!
What could these two POSSIBLY have to talk about??!
We all know he's man enough for it and that he can carry a mega-successful franchise on those GOR-geous broad shoulders.
Just the thought of Rob with a whip in the red room is reason for an ice cold shower.
The ultra seXXXy movie is set to start filming THIS fall, so we're sure to be getting casting answers soon and we wouldn't mind R-Patz sinking his teeth into the steamy dominant role!!!!
Do YOU think Rob would make a HOT Christian??!
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25 comments to “Robert Pattinson To Break Out The Bondage For Fifty Shades Of Grey??!”

  1. 1

    That would never happen lmao and I don't think he would ever do it anyways
  2. Nicole says – reply to this


    Oh hayl naw.
  3. hhh says – reply to this


    It's really not a bad move. That movie will make BANK. This is a sure success and would definitely help him keep momentum.
  4. Kittieblue says – reply to this


  5. Kelly says – reply to this


    No, he would not make a good Christian. He's too young and would make us older ladies (I'm 32) feel awkward…lusting over a 17 year old vampire!! I hope they choose a man, I'm all for Alex Skarsgaard (would be the #1 choice) cause all True Blood fans know how damn good he looks with out the clothes on, and how damn sexy he can be!
  6. guadalupe says – reply to this


    He's cute but he's no Christian Grey…sorry…don't see it.
  7. jemstar says – reply to this


    no damn way, not even close. move along.
  8. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: guadalupe – Rob is 27 not 17 - you're a WHOLE DECADE out.
  9. Chana says – reply to this


    I hope they don't cast him. ewww

  10. 10

    Re: Nicole – AGREED!!! He is ALL kinds of WRONG for that part!!!!! He is not hot, he is not the dom type. Just NO!!!!
  11. Amanda says – reply to this


    No. No. No. This would ruin 50 shades for me…he is not sexy enough or manly enough. Not even close! I will be so disappointed if they cast him as Christian. He just isn't at all what I pictured Christian to be. Just please, NO!!!!!
  12. Tina says – reply to this


    Um, is everyone forgetting that Fifty Shades of Grey started as a Twilight FanFic? Christian was written with Edward\James in mind. The original FanFic title was Master of the Universe… only difference between MotU and FSoG are character name changes.
  13. bmjtc4 says – reply to this


    I do find it so funny that no one wants Rob for the part but it is based of him from Twilight. He would be amazing!
  14. Gina says – reply to this


    Rob is too good for a role that is based on him.
    The writer was his fangirl who had porny thoughts about him & literally based the character on Rob's mannerisms and behaviour.
  15. Vegetto says – reply to this


    You perverted ladies forget that Fifty Shades of Gar was originally writt as a fan fiction of twilight. So technically Edward Cullen is the basis of Christian Grey so wether you like it or not, the author of the book imagined Christian Grey with PATTISON's face.
  16. Sheila says – reply to this



  17. 17

    I hope not. Twi hards would have a field day with it but I don't think it's a good idea. Let someone else have the lime light. I'm sure he's tired of it.
  18. Hanna says – reply to this


    No way! he is not Christian Grey, just NO!
    I think Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill would be a more perfect fit for the role, plus I wouldn't mind seeing Ian in less clothes ;)

  19. 19

    Ok I agree the image of him in the red room is a little hot. Edward sensitive and deep and so was Christian so he might work.
  20. Alysha says – reply to this


    Oh sweet baby Jesus! Please NO! NOT HIM!
  21. Bronwyn says – reply to this


    Hell no I will be so upset if he gets cast as christian! I vote Team Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey he is way hotter and would deff play Christian better he is already a lot like him on the vamp diaries
  22. pii says – reply to this


    He is good looking and he is 27 years old. The story came from Twilight fanfiction. E.L. James said so herself. But he shouldn't do this! He would be okay but the role isn't for him.
  23. Ala says – reply to this


    Oh heavens I hope NOT!!! R. Patt's is nothing compared to the GORGEOUS Stephen Amell. Who I am definitely in favor for playing the role of Christian Grey.
  24. X says – reply to this


    Re: Vegetto – I agree with your comment. Robert's face was the image the author used for inspiration. He played Edward. Christian is Edward and Edward is Christian. I just hope don't cast Ian Somerhalder. Ian isn't hot by any means. Robert would be great in the role. I just don't think he was the role.
  25. Laura says – reply to this


    No! No! No! He was a terrible Edward. Please don't let him ruin Christian, too!

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